Tramlines: 22/07/12

We’re delighted to be curating the stage at the Redhouse this Sunday as part of Sheffield’s FREE Tramlines festival. We have invited a whole bunch of ace bands to come play this. Also, as our stage is inside, you don’t even need to worry about the horrible weather!

Heroes of the Mexican Independence Movement
Hull’s finest will be bringing us their unique brand of Velvet Underground inspired spaghetti western indiepop.

The Sweet Nothings
Peace, love, pop thrills and international socialism from popular Sheffield beat combo.

MJ Hibbett and the Validators
Indie pop hero and House VS Home favourite Hibbett finally brings his trusted Validators back to the Steel City. Expect songs about dinosaurs, politics and the trams of Sheffield!

August Actually
Nottingham folk-pop outfit will be capturing hearts and blowing minds with songs of love and the supernatural.

Nottingham’s lo-fi stalwarts make a triumphant return to the stage with their thoughtful, Sparklehorse-esque pop melodies.

Nordenfelt are influenced by Sunn 0))), NWA, and Squarepusher, yet they still end up sounding like Elliott Smith.

Fall Forwards
A brand new band comprised of former Japanese Sleeper Andy Hirst, former Situationists Dan and Ralph, and a lovely bass player called Matt. They play brooding pop with the lightest of electronica and math touches.

Aqualassie and the Sky Pumas
An insane spectacle of collective homicide, from the heart of the Sussex Downs. Expect noise, brevity, affection for Stan Lee, and one guitar solo.

Vom Vorton
Acoustic storytelling loveliness from former Lardpony frontman, recently achieving internet fame with a song about the Anfield cat. Expect songs about cats and robots.

The Mini Skips
Gentle folky smiley indiepop from Sheffield.

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House vs Home Singles Club No. 3: Nordenfelt

House VS Home singles club number three is the debut single from Nottingham’s Nordenfelt. Having wowed everyone with their impressive David Bowie renditions at their first ever gig last year, followed by further packed gigs across Nottingham with their new expanded line up, Nordenfelt are clearly destined for great things! The lead track on the April edition of the House VS Home Singles Club, Steam Powered Submarine is a marvellously catchy guitar-led pop hit. This is backed up with the much more introspective and intricately beautiful Mothers are Maternal (Fathers are Paternal).

Nordenfelt are Tom (vocals, guitar), Ali (guitar), Ed (bass) and Owen (drums, producer). Nordenfelt are influenced by Sunn 0))), NWA, and Squarepusher, yet they still end up sounding like Elliott Smith.

You can ‘like’ Nordenfelt on facebook

This month’s artwork comes courtesy of Nordenfelt’s Thomas Goodwin. More of Tom’s artwork can be seen here. The tracks will be available as a ‘name your price’ download from the ‘Shop & Audio’ page on here, or from