House vs Home Singles Club 11: The Mini Skips

Number eleven in the House VS Home singles club series comes from Sheffield duet The Mini Skips. Having done a lovely job opening the House VS Home stage at this year’s Tramlines festival, Markie and Vinnie return with their first single – Advice for New Lovers. The title track is a back-and-forth argument between an apparently seasoned couple, set over a carefully picked (and sporadically jaunty) guitar and an accompanying Melodica lick. The B-side – a cover of Dean Friedman’s 1978 hit Lucky Stars – is presented here as the inspiration for the pair’s lyrical argument. It is quieter, and in many ways more devastating, than the title track but still stands strong as an anti-love song.

The Mini Skips are Vinnie Ransome and Markie Wainwright. Vinnie is known for singing vocals and playing keyboards with Steel city superheroes The Sweet Nothings, and also performed as part of The Marygreenes. Markie is known as the guitarist of The Parallelograms, as the front(wo)man of recently-revived pop-punk outfit Velodrome2000, and under his solo alias, Markie Plays Girlpop.

The artwork for this month’s single comes courtesy of House VS Home founder, Alex Hale. The tracks will be available as a ‘name your price’ download from the Shop & Audio page on here, or from http//


House vs Home Singles Club No. 10: Vom Vorton

In time for Halloween, House VS Home singles club number ten takes the form of a duo of vampire songs from Vom Vorton.

Former front-man of indie-synth-poppers Lardpony (a role soon to be reprised), Tom Morton, has been playing under the moniker Vom Vorton for the past few years. With electronic tales of wide ranging subjects such as cats and robots, Vom Vorton reached internet fame earlier this year with a song about the Anfield Cat.

Vampires cover art

Vom Vorton’s spooky contribution to the House VS Home singles club follows his wry storytelling tradition and tells two tales of the consequences of getting involved with vampires. Synthy A-side Vampires Will Always Break Your Heart tells a heartbreaking tale of the downsides of dating a vampire. B-Side I’ve Been Bitten is a more punky song about the upshot of falling asleep in a vampire infested graveyard.

The artwork for this month’s single also comes from the multi-talented Vom Vorton. The tracks are available as a ‘name your price’ download from the Shop & Audio page on here, or from

House vs Home Singles Club No. 9: Cats:For:Peru

Number nine in the House VS Home singles club series comes from Sheffield boy/girl/boy/girl/boy indierockers, Cats:For:Peru.

C:F:P have been playing together as a five piece since 2007 and are a staple on the Sheffield indie scene. Assembled to bring life the songs of frontman Ad Follett, the band are known for their energetic live performances and the intricate arrangements of their songs. They released debut album Attack of the Pitching Machine (which was produced by David Sanderson and Alan Smyth – famed for their work with Arctic Monkeys, Pulp and the Long Blondes) in 2009, and follow up EP We Had This Problem Last Winter in 2011. Both were met with critical acclaim, and comparisons to inspirations such as Radiohead and Arcade Fire were inevitable.

October 2012 sees the five piece return with a double A-side – Three Brothers/A Million Colours – again recorded by the legendary David Sanderson. Three Brothers is a punchy, kick-drum laden slice of electronic pop. The guitars shine throughout which, combined with Ad’s shouted vocals, is reminiscent of the likes of Vampire Weekend and Yeasayer at their best. A Million Colours is somewhat slower, but not without punch. It builds up from a solitary guitar line to a full band stampede, before dropping back down and starting again. Both tracks are bound to become firm live favourites amongst the band’s already impressive back catalogue.

The artwork for this month’s single comes from the band’s own Stella Wright. The songs are available as a ‘name your price’ download from the Shop & Audio page on here, or from

House vs Home Singles Club No. 8: Burly Nagasaki

Number eight in the House VS Home singles club series comes from Nottingham’s innovative Burly Nagasaki.

Made up of Theresa Wrigley (of Fists, Rattle, etc.) and local hero Joey Chickenskin, Burly Nagasaki have been entertaining audiences across Nottingham since their debut at the Jumpers for Goalposts ‘Non-proper band’ night in 2009. In the past three years they have played shows with a wide variety of ‘proper’ bands – including Thomas Truax, The Lovely Eggs, and The Specific Heats – as well as appearing at Dot to Dot, the Hockley Hustle, the Damn You! Christmas Covers party, and playing a gig in New York! In February 2010 they wrote and recorded their debut album, When There’s Nothing to Talk About There’s Always Scatter, a ten-track tribute to Elvis Presley that spans numerous genres and subchapters of the King’s life.

After 2 long years in exile Burly Nagasaki are back with New York Songs, their new two-track single which features two ‘covers’ which aren’t actually covers. The band have taken two of their favourite songs and identified what they like about said songs, then rewritten them while retaining the title of the original. A-side Mad Eye Screamer (The Creatures) is largely driven by a rolling drum beat and back-and-forth vocals then joined in the middle by a roaring guitar and bass combo. The B-side, Slow Motion (Blondie), is a stark contrast: an upbeat pop-song with full instrumentation throughout.

The artwork for this month’s single comes from Theresa Wrigley herself, celebrating the band’s trip to New York and the mutual setting that links the two tracks. The tracks are available as a ‘name your price’ download from the Shop & Audio page on here, or from

House vs Home Singles Club No. 7: August Actually

Number seven in the House VS Home singles club series comes from August Actually.
Previously a sea-pop sextet, and responsible for the very first House VS Home release,
August Actually return as a folk-pop four piece, branching out with a wider range of  subject matter. This particular single broaches the dual themes of supernatural transformation and love. A-side Werewolf blends funky beats and girl-boy vocals, while B-side Vampire is a more wistful piano-led affair.

The video for Werewolf, animated by August Actually front man (and HVH co-founder) Alex Hale, can be viewed here.

The artwork for this month’s single comes courtesy of Laura Millward; more of her
artwork, photography and general design musings can be found on her blog. The tracks are available as a ‘name your price’ download from the Shop & Audio page on here, or from

Tramlines: 22/07/12

We’re delighted to be curating the stage at the Redhouse this Sunday as part of Sheffield’s FREE Tramlines festival. We have invited a whole bunch of ace bands to come play this. Also, as our stage is inside, you don’t even need to worry about the horrible weather!

Heroes of the Mexican Independence Movement
Hull’s finest will be bringing us their unique brand of Velvet Underground inspired spaghetti western indiepop.

The Sweet Nothings
Peace, love, pop thrills and international socialism from popular Sheffield beat combo.

MJ Hibbett and the Validators
Indie pop hero and House VS Home favourite Hibbett finally brings his trusted Validators back to the Steel City. Expect songs about dinosaurs, politics and the trams of Sheffield!

August Actually
Nottingham folk-pop outfit will be capturing hearts and blowing minds with songs of love and the supernatural.

Nottingham’s lo-fi stalwarts make a triumphant return to the stage with their thoughtful, Sparklehorse-esque pop melodies.

Nordenfelt are influenced by Sunn 0))), NWA, and Squarepusher, yet they still end up sounding like Elliott Smith.

Fall Forwards
A brand new band comprised of former Japanese Sleeper Andy Hirst, former Situationists Dan and Ralph, and a lovely bass player called Matt. They play brooding pop with the lightest of electronica and math touches.

Aqualassie and the Sky Pumas
An insane spectacle of collective homicide, from the heart of the Sussex Downs. Expect noise, brevity, affection for Stan Lee, and one guitar solo.

Vom Vorton
Acoustic storytelling loveliness from former Lardpony frontman, recently achieving internet fame with a song about the Anfield cat. Expect songs about cats and robots.

The Mini Skips
Gentle folky smiley indiepop from Sheffield.

Join the Facebook event here.

House vs Home Singles Club No. 6: Knickers

The sixth offering of the House VS Home singles club comes from Knickers, the new project of acclaimed retro pop enthusiast, Simon Love.

Having disbanded his ever-changing ensemble, The Loves, after the release of their fourth album in February of last year, Simon has opted to take a backseat in his new band – focusing on the writing while ‘French girl’ vocalist Sarah really steals the show.

Perhaps it’s ironic, then, that the band’s offering to the singles club takes the form of two covers. But these two pop gems, recorded for fun during the sessions for their second EP, fit the band’s style as effortlessly as their own songs. The lead track, a reworking of Bacharach, Dixon and David’s often-covered classic ‘Baby, It’s You’ sounds as great as it ever has; the horns and organ in particular take the track to new heights, unrealised by  Smith, The Beatles, or even Cilla Black. B-side, Jacques Dutronc’s ‘Les Cactus’, sounds  perhaps a little more like Simon’s old work with The Loves; more upbeat and jangly than  the original, with a dazzling guitar solo in the middle, it’s yet another testament to the  diverse range of ‘60s influences on the band.

Knickers’ debut EP, My Baby’s Just a Baby (But I Love Him So), was released through Elefant Records in May and is available from iTunes. It can also be streamed from the
band’s own Bandcamp.

The artwork for this month’s single comes courtesy of House VS Home records own Alex Hale. The tracks are available as a free download from the Shop & Audio page on here, or