House vs Home Singles Club No. 10: Vom Vorton

In time for Halloween, House VS Home singles club number ten takes the form of a duo of vampire songs from Vom Vorton.

Former front-man of indie-synth-poppers Lardpony (a role soon to be reprised), Tom Morton, has been playing under the moniker Vom Vorton for the past few years. With electronic tales of wide ranging subjects such as cats and robots, Vom Vorton reached internet fame earlier this year with a song about the Anfield Cat.

Vampires cover art

Vom Vorton’s spooky contribution to the House VS Home singles club follows his wry storytelling tradition and tells two tales of the consequences of getting involved with vampires. Synthy A-side Vampires Will Always Break Your Heart tells a heartbreaking tale of the downsides of dating a vampire. B-Side I’ve Been Bitten is a more punky song about the upshot of falling asleep in a vampire infested graveyard.

The artwork for this month’s single also comes from the multi-talented Vom Vorton. The tracks are available as a ‘name your price’ download from the Shop & Audio page on here, or from


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