August Actually

August Actually are a six piece folk-pop band from Nottingham. Formed in early 2011 as the brainchild of Alex Hale, the intention was to create a full band version of his sea-gaze solo album Whale of a Tale. Since then, they have played a wide range of shows with the likes of Darren Hayman, The Wave Pictures, Standard Fare, Evans the Death and Bearsuit. They have also recently moved away from landlocked sea shanties to focus on such universal themes as the supernatural, the satellite towns of Nottingham, and, yes, even more songs about love.

August Actually are Alex Hale (Banjo), Laura Graham (Keyboard), Damian Pugh (Bass), Sai Ragunath (Violin), Stephen Wragg (Guitar) and Jack Cross (Trumpet, Drums). Live performances are abundant with multi-instrumentalism – this dexterity being most aptly demonstrated by trumpeter-cum-drummer, Jack Cross. They draw from influences such as Okkervil River, The Mountain Goats, Ben Folds, The Decemberists, Yann Tiersen, Destroyer and The Wave Pictures.

The debut EP Songs From the Lighthouse was released on House VS Home Records earlier this month, this features the aforementioned full band realisations of the best songs from Alex’s Whale of a Tale album.

Like them on Facebook for news and details of upcoming shows.


Heroes of the Mexican Independence Movement

Hull based Heroes of the Mexican Independence Movement (or HotMIM for short) play spaghetti western indiepop which went down a storm at Indietracks 2011 and attracted rave reviews of their performance. Featuring ex-members of Fonda 500, The Rocky Nest and Dead Sea Diver, HotMIM were formed in January 2011.

HotMIM are Paul Sarel (guitar and vocals), Tom Nash (bass), Chris Norrison (drums) and recent addition Julian Nielsen (guitar and keyboards). They draw from influences such as The Velvet Underground, and have been recording in bedrooms, hallways and farm buldings with ex Salako (Jeepster) and Bitmap man Mr Luke Barwell.

Watch this space for details of a forthcoming release in the new year. In the meantime like them on Facebook for more info and details of upcoming shows.


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