House vs Home Singles Club No. 8: Burly Nagasaki

Number eight in the House VS Home singles club series comes from Nottingham’s innovative Burly Nagasaki.

Made up of Theresa Wrigley (of Fists, Rattle, etc.) and local hero Joey Chickenskin, Burly Nagasaki have been entertaining audiences across Nottingham since their debut at the Jumpers for Goalposts ‘Non-proper band’ night in 2009. In the past three years they have played shows with a wide variety of ‘proper’ bands – including Thomas Truax, The Lovely Eggs, and The Specific Heats – as well as appearing at Dot to Dot, the Hockley Hustle, the Damn You! Christmas Covers party, and playing a gig in New York! In February 2010 they wrote and recorded their debut album, When There’s Nothing to Talk About There’s Always Scatter, a ten-track tribute to Elvis Presley that spans numerous genres and subchapters of the King’s life.

After 2 long years in exile Burly Nagasaki are back with New York Songs, their new two-track single which features two ‘covers’ which aren’t actually covers. The band have taken two of their favourite songs and identified what they like about said songs, then rewritten them while retaining the title of the original. A-side Mad Eye Screamer (The Creatures) is largely driven by a rolling drum beat and back-and-forth vocals then joined in the middle by a roaring guitar and bass combo. The B-side, Slow Motion (Blondie), is a stark contrast: an upbeat pop-song with full instrumentation throughout.

The artwork for this month’s single comes from Theresa Wrigley herself, celebrating the band’s trip to New York and the mutual setting that links the two tracks. The tracks are available as a ‘name your price’ download from the Shop & Audio page on here, or from


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