House vs Home Singles Club No. 6: Knickers

The sixth offering of the House VS Home singles club comes from Knickers, the new project of acclaimed retro pop enthusiast, Simon Love.

Having disbanded his ever-changing ensemble, The Loves, after the release of their fourth album in February of last year, Simon has opted to take a backseat in his new band – focusing on the writing while ‘French girl’ vocalist Sarah really steals the show.

Perhaps it’s ironic, then, that the band’s offering to the singles club takes the form of two covers. But these two pop gems, recorded for fun during the sessions for their second EP, fit the band’s style as effortlessly as their own songs. The lead track, a reworking of Bacharach, Dixon and David’s often-covered classic ‘Baby, It’s You’ sounds as great as it ever has; the horns and organ in particular take the track to new heights, unrealised by  Smith, The Beatles, or even Cilla Black. B-side, Jacques Dutronc’s ‘Les Cactus’, sounds  perhaps a little more like Simon’s old work with The Loves; more upbeat and jangly than  the original, with a dazzling guitar solo in the middle, it’s yet another testament to the  diverse range of ‘60s influences on the band.

Knickers’ debut EP, My Baby’s Just a Baby (But I Love Him So), was released through Elefant Records in May and is available from iTunes. It can also be streamed from the
band’s own Bandcamp.

The artwork for this month’s single comes courtesy of House VS Home records own Alex Hale. The tracks are available as a free download from the Shop & Audio page on here, or


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